Sausage Pasta- quick and easy dinner
Sausage Pasta- quick and easy dinner

A midweek marvel, this is a quick & easy dinner that will make you feel like you’re on your holidays in the sun.

From Local Box:
1 Jar Peppup Original Sauce
2 Warwick’s Sausages per person
A few drops Burren Balsamic Vinegar
Bara Bakehouse Ciabatta

60g pasta per person
A handful of mushrooms per person

  1. Chop the sausages in to bite size pieces and fry in a lightly oiled pan.
  2. Chop your mushrooms and add to the pan with the sausages once the sausages have started to take a little colour. Stir it all up so your sausages don’t stick.

We were thrilled to write a guest blog entry for Slow Food UK last month.

Slow Food is an international movement that values enjoying food while valuing community and the environment. It started in Italy just over 30 years ago.

If you are interested in learning more about what slow food means, follow Slow Food in the UK on social media or Slow Food International.

You can read the blog we wrote here.

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Well those 3 months went in quickly..!

When we started we wrote a blog about sustainability in LocalBox and said we would review this periodically. This is our first review, we want to look at what we are doing and include any improvements or changes.

This is what we said we are going to do now:

  1. Our delivery boxes are made in the UK, from 95% recycled plastic We are really happy with how our delivery boxes are faring so far. So much so that we ordered a huge pallet’s worth more of them. Some of these boxes will already…

With so many of us looking for ways to reduce our environmental impact and the amount of packaging entering our homes, we were adamant that LocalBox would address food packaging from the start.

When we can control the decisions about packaging, we weigh up the choices to find something sustainable. That’s how we chose our delivery boxes, which have been made with recycled plastic and which we use over and over again. We also use our freezer packs and cool bags over and over. All of these are easily washed between uses.

We’ve thought and talked a lot about where…

Brogalsco Farm
Broighter Gold Rapeseed Oil is grown by Richard and Leona Kane on their family farm, Brogalsco Farm, in Limavady. The Kanes have been farming the lands just outside Limavady, for well over 100 years.

The couple discovered their award winning rapeseed oil by accident in 2006. Leona was preparing steak for dinner but she had run out of olive oil to cook it. Richard fetched some of their unfiltered cold pressed rapeseed oil from the farm, which he’d been using to make bio-diesel.

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The Kane Family

As Leona cooked the steak, she was surprised that it did not stick to the…

We have been delivering local food to your door for 1 month already and we have been so excited to see more and more people each week join this local food movement. Thank you to everyone who has ordered so far!

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3.5 Justins height- our crisp recycling total for month one

Two things we want to celebrate!

  1. We have collected 22 crisp packets to be recycled! Or 3.5 Justins.

Terracycle makes it possible to recycle crisp packets, which can’t go in our home recycling. We’ll wait until we’ve gathered up a big stack and then take them to a drop off point. There are drop off points all over the…

~Words by Justin

Sustainability is important to us, it was a big driver for us getting LocalBox going, so we want to bake it into our business from the start. This post explains what we are doing right now and what we want to do going forward.

We have thought long and hard about how to best make our business reflect our goals, we went through a few iterations, here’s where we landed:

The first thing we thought about was minimising the waste generated by our deliveries i.e. our packaging. …

~Words by Lydia

I bit into the carrot and decided that I’d had enough of supermarket veg. More and more often I was coming away from the supermarket with a fairly empty shopping bag after wandering up and down the aisles trying to weigh up which products to buy.

I was concerned about the seasonality of produce; how far food had travelled; what price farmers were being paid; how animals were being treated; and the heaps of plastic packaging.

With the tasteless, watery carrot still on my plate, I set up our order with Flavour First, a fruit and veg…

LocalBox NI

Supporting a local and fair food system in Northern Ireland. Local Box is an online grocery shop, making it easier for people to buy local food.

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